Japanese Temples Worth Visiting

Tourists who are willing to travel to Japan to enrich their spiritual experience could be seeking for a short guide that could help them better decide which temples are worth visiting and which not. This page will offer a short list with a few temples which are considered to be among the best ones to visit when coming to Japan.

Sensoji Temple17463645238_f4dde99724_b

being located in Tokyo’s eastern area called Asakusa, it is by far one of the oldest temples in the city, being established in the year 628. Featuring a red gate and five story pagoda, this temple is destined to dazzle and impress those who happen to pass by through Tokyo, many arguing that it is one of the most impressive ones the city holds;

Tennoji Temple

this temple is set among a large cemetery and might just be the perfect choice for those who seek tranquility and the Buddhist way of spirituality. Its surroundings are filled with cherry trees which make up for quite a spectacle when they blossom and the overall build and architecture carries an impressive patina that easily resembles its longstanding history;

Yushima Seido Temple

highly related to the Confucianism current present in Japan, this temple was established in the 15th century. One interesting historical fact is that during the 18th century, it has become the training facility for the members of the Shogunate;

Yushima Tenmagu

continuing the list with Japanese temples, this one holds a special place in the hearts of those who appreciate intricate architecture, featuring a picturesque shrine that is located in the Bunkyo ward of Tokyo. Embodying vivid carvings in its architecture, the temple is filled with legendary scenes from the Japanese history;

Zokoji Temple

also located in Tokyo, in the Mintao ward, it was once home of an extensive domain that comprised numerous buildings and sacred areas. Being associated with the Tokugawa family, it is probably most known for its Sangedatsu gate, which dates from the year 1622.