This web site is all about Japan and Japanese culture, such as language, literature, manga, anime, geography, etc. and even about stories related to the interesting, fascinating world of Japan, known by many as “the land of the rising sun”, because of its original spelling in Japanese Kanji pictograms.

The main aim of this web site is to not only share interesting information and facts about the wonderful world of Japanese culture, but also to encourage people to respect, accept and love all civilizations, ethnicities and cultures on this planet. Only through mutual respect and understanding for and of nature and others as well as all the beings and cultures that inhabit planet Earth can human beings truly achieve a life of peace and harmony. These are one of the main concepts and principles of the Shinto religion, the most popular religion in Japan.

On the various pages and posts which have been written and posted on this particular web page, readers will be able to find not only useful and interesting info, such as facts about Japan in general, but also about its culture and religion such as literature, manga, anime etc. This web site is entirely dedicated to presenting info about the marvelous world that Japan is and its fascinating culture. There is available info on different kinds of anime and recurring themes dealt with in there animated TV shows that are so popular around the world. So, if you are interested in all this, keep on reading.