5 of the Most Visited Cities in Japan

Tourists who have an interest in Japan and wish to find out more about the top 5 cities to visit in this amazing country, can have a look at the list provided on this page of the gaines-cpa.com website.

Being well known for its impr2753020167_585a33df08_bessive feats of engineering such as bullet trains and sky scrapers, Japan is more than that, and to prove this, the cities presented in the following list attest to the fact that there is diversity present in Japanese culture.

  • Hida-Takayama: this beautiful city that is adequately named “Little Kyoto” is full of religious shrines and temples and it features numerous old buildings that date back to the 18th century. Surrounded by the Hida Mountains, it is filled with markets, shops and Japanese inns. The wooden buildings that line the streets of the city have a distinct charm to them and contribute to the overall historical air that one can experience there;
  • Otaru: another impressive Japanese city, it is a port that was established concurrently with the city of Hokkaido and it is now Hokkaido’s terminal station with its first train line. Offering a central canal that is surrounded by old warehouses and residential houses, it is one of the best places in Japan to enjoy seafood;
  • Magome: this city is located in the Kiso Valley and it was the historical stop point used by Edo-period travelers who used to travel between Tokyo and Kyoto using the Nakaasendo trail. One of the best things about Magome is that its central street has been transformed for pedestrian traffic only, therefore enabling tourists to immerse themselves into an exquisite experience;
  • Kanazawa: being the second largest city after Tokyo to be saved from the bombings of World War II, it offers tourists impressive neighborhoods which still have the early, old architecture and historical buildings;
  • Hakone: part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National park, this city offers impressive mountainous landscapes for those who wish to retreat to more quiet, nature filled areas.