Travel/City Guides: Japanese Translation Studies in University

Interest in the Japanese language continues to grow at a very impressive rate. Whether it’s because there are so many people who are interested to learn about the culture that’s credited with karate karaoke or manga, the thing is, this language is growing in popularity and is even being offered as a course in a

5 of the Most Visited Cities in Japan

Tourists who have an interest in Japan and wish to find out more about the top 5 cities to visit in this amazing country, can have a look at the list provided on this page of the website. Being well known for its impressive feats of engineering such as bullet trains and sky scrapers,

Japanese Temples Worth Visiting

Tourists who are willing to travel to Japan to enrich their spiritual experience could be seeking for a short guide that could help them better decide which temples are worth visiting and which not. This page will offer a short list with a few temples which are considered to be among the best ones to

The Pop Culture of Japan

Japanese pop culture essentially signifies specific aspects of modern Japan and not those of traditional Japan. There are a lot of elements of the country’s pop culture that have become famous around the world, such as Anime, Manga, JRock etc. Combination of Many Things Japanese Pop Culture is an extremely influential blend of television, film,

Popular University Programs Amongst Japanese Youth

Japan is one of the largest economies in the world. It is the homeland of hydrogen cars, bullet trains, PlayStation, karaoke, etc. The list of Japanese inventions is long and producing them takes talented people and a high-quality education system. So it is no wonder that more international students want to come to the land

Serial Experiments Lain

Serial Experiments Lain and the style in which it was produced and directed are very experimental and impressionistic. This is rather innovative, since at the time, basically no anime had ever adopted such techniques; so one could say that the people behind Serial Experiments Lain can be considered to be sort of pioneers in terms

Noein and Mushishi

ノエイン もうひとりの君へ (Pronounced “Noein: Mou Hitori no Kimi e” and translated loosely as Noein: Towards another you or other self”), is a Japanese TV animated series that aired between 2005 and 2006. This anime combines many elements of adventure, drama, sci-fi etc. Plot In the near future, a bloody war takes place between two dimensions,

Shinto and Anime

The word Shinto in Japanese means the way of the gods. It is an adoption of the Chinese word Shendao 神道. However, in Japanese, the kanji 神 is pronounced “shin” or “kami”, which means spirit or god and the kanji 道pronounced “tou” Japanese and dao in Chinese, and means philosophical path or field of study.

The Culture of Anime

As mentioned in the preceding post, various depictions of dystopian realities or futures are rather common currency among Japanese writers. One of the main elements in Japanese fiction, especially in anime and manga, is the inclusion of technology, A.I., robots and mechas. Usually, there is a group of humans that lead the resistance against extraterrestrial

Themes in Japanese Animation

Paranoia Agent Paranoia Agent is a Japanese animated TV series that ran in the year 2004. The show revolves about a young boy, Shounen Bat, who always wears roller skates and an MLB cap and roams the streets of Tokyo beating up people and smashing their heads in with his golden baseball bat, terrorizing especially